ADDERLink KVM Switche, Extender, IP Solutions

Adder designs and manufactures an advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions. The AV extenders of Adder distribute video and audio signals. Ideal for digital signage applications and media streaming applications such as TV applications and public information.
The wide range of Adder ensures that it has a solution for almost every situation. Adder does not only represent versatility, but also robust and quality products. Product and price are focused on the needs of the user; Adder extenders are therefore found in both simple, professional solutions and in large projects. Thanks to its unique ADDERLink INFINITY, Adder is the first choice when you are looking for a KVM IP solution.
IP connectivity, the ability to connect a remote workstation, built-in extension to computers and a wide selection of computer terminals – ADDERlink CATx KVM switches offer the highest flexibility. When the emphasis is on visual applications and/or separate switching of connections, you can choose the AdderView Pro KVM switches. These are high quality KVM switches with support for high resolution and digital video signals.
Additionally, Adder offers high security solutions. The AdderView Secure series is designed for those situations where signals must be fully protected from external influences. The switches comply with the Tempest standard and are Common Criteria EAL4 + certified. These standards can be found in the military and other highly secured environments. Adder offers a wide range and excellent value for money.
IP connectivity is a strong focus of Adder in its ADDERLink INFINITY, CATx KVM switches and KVM IP gateways. With an Adder ipeps you can add IP connectivity to a computer or KVM configuration. The ipeps is based on RealVNC software and is fast, flexible and secure!
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