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We are specialised in advising in and delivering professional audio and video applications of brands such as TV One, Epiphan, Exterity and Adder. We supply MPEG encoding systems, streaming video for both internet and intranet, network distribution solutions for satellite TV, video playout, content management and VoD systems (Video on Demand).
Moreover, we also deliver systems for grabbing, saving and streaming of VGA/DVI screen information. We have an expanded selection of video matrices, switches, extenders, splitters, converters, scalers and other equipment for video processing.
Next to single products, we can also provide in composite products on customer request.

Video Streaming
With video streaming, audio and video signals can be transmitted over computer networks. Examples of such signals are live images from satellites or cameras, television/radio via internet/intranet, webcams, VoD and internet video.
– Satellite distribution
– Set top boxes
– Video on Demand (VoD)
– Encoding / Decoding
– Video Conferencing

Video Capturing
With video capturing, various video formats from different sources can be stored on a computer for editing.
– Frame grabbers
– Lecture recorders
– Multichannel recorders
– DVI/VGA broadcaster
– Audio / video capturing and streaming

Video Processing
Through video processing, audio/video signals can be manipulated. With switches, scalers, converters, amplifiers, extenders, multiviewers and picture in picture systems, we offer the right solution for video processing.
– Multivievers
– Converters
– Signal processors
– Edge blending
– Delay lines
– Video scalers

Video Distribution
Video distribution mainly is the long distance transmission of audio/video signals via network cables. Also the equipment to display, switch or multiply one video source on multiple display screens is ascribed to video distribution.
– Switches
– Distribution Amplifiers
– Audio / Video Matrices
– Video Splitters
– Extenders
– Display Adapters

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