Was ist HDMI ?

Digital HDMI interface
Digital technology has been part of our daily lives for several decades. In the near future, we will all be viewing digitally transported TV signals on the computer, on the mobile phone, in the car and at the television. As the VHS VCR, the scart and analog CAI connection will vanish eventually. Terms such as HD ready, Full HD, DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI are examples of the digital age. As an innovative player SPEED always adapts its assortment to the latest developments. Next to terms such as HDMI 1.3 and 1.4, we also see new terms such as High Speed and with Ethernet.


High-Definition Multimedia Interface

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a connection for digital audio and video signals. HDMI provides an interface between any digital audio/video source, such as a Settop box, DVD player, amplifier and monitor, such as plasma or LCD TV. In contrast to analog signals, HDMI is digital. It thus eliminates the analog conversion and, in contrast to DVI, HDMI also supports digital audio channels.


Differences between Standard and High Speed HDMI cables

The HDMI Licensing Organization has set the standards of the following categories:
• Standard (HD ready) HDMI cables are suitable for the transport of signals from 75 MHz to 2.25 Gbps, which corresponds to a 720p/1080i signal.
• High Speed (Full HD) HDMI cables can carry speeds of 340 MHz to 10.2 Gbps. This is the highest bandwidth currently achievable over an HDMI cable. These are 1080p signals with higher colour depths and refresh rates.


Can a Standard HDMI cable also be used in high speed applications?

Although a Standard HDMI cable is not designed for higher bandwidths, it can generally be applied in shorter lengths (less than 2 metres). In this respect the quality of the HDMI receiver chip (for example in a TV) is of great importance. This receiver chip is designed to prevent or compensate signal reduction caused by a cable (attenuation). However, the only way to ensure that your cable will work at higher bandwidth is to purchase a cable that is designed for higher bandwidth and labelled with “High-Speed”.


Overview of HDMI connector types:

The HDMI-A connector is identified as HDMI connector and has 19 pins (dimensions: 13.9 x 4.45 mm) HDMI-A is used in Standard and High Speed and is primarily used in the consumer market.
The HDMI-B connector is defined for resolutions >1080p but this is not yet very common. This connector has 29 pins for extended video channels (dimensions: 21.2 x 4.45 mm).
The HDMI-C connector is identified by the name Mini HDMI connector and has 19 pins (dimensions: 10.42 x 4.45 mm).
The HDMI-D connector is identified by the name Micro HDMI connector and has 19 pins (dimensions: 6.4 x 2.8 mm).
The HDMI-E connector is identified by the name Automotive HDMI connector system.

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